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Handheld Portable Iron Garment Ironing Machine Mini Electric Iron (US standard)

Ordinary steamers are easy to spray or leak water, which will stain or even damage your clothes! But our professional mini steam iron has an electronic pump system to prevent water leakage. Any angle steam iron-this design can even be inverted for steaming without leaving any water!
1. Connecting to the power supply can produce continuous high temperature and high pressure steam within two minutes.
2. Ironing: high temperature and strong steam can easily iron clothes, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, etc., especially clothes that need to be ironed vertically (such as suits, etc.) 3.
3. Sterilization: High temperature and strong steam can quickly kill all kinds of harmful to ensure home cleanliness.
4. Cleaning: High temperature and strong steam can easily dissolve and remove oil stains, dirt, mildew and cracks on the surface of household products. While spraying high-temperature steam, the surface of the object can be scrubbed. The cleaning is simple and quick, and the effect is remarkable.
Product material: ABS, PC, electric heating module.
Power supply length: 1.5 meters, all copper power cord.
Voltage: 110V
Product power: 1000W / 50-60Hz
Water tank capacity: 100ml
Heating method: electric heating type.
Use range: ironing clothes, shirts, underwear, bags, ties, etc.

Product function: ironing, humidification, disinfection and sterilization

The package includes:
1x micro steam iron